TPD (for electronics, 2017)
THRICE AGAIN (for saxophone quartet, 2015)
OUVERTURE (for Pierrot-ensemble, 2015)
VESTIGE (graphic score, 2015)
COMBINATION (for piano & cello, 2014)
CONTROL (for string trio, 2014)


Songs from the hill (for voice & piano)
Trio Americano (for keyboard, cello & electronic percussion)
Segments (for cello solo)
Casual Music (for cello & piano)
Kodam Gobar (for voice and ensemble)
Ordinary Music 16 (for string quartet)
Ordinary Music 6b (for four electric guitars)
Sonic Update (for percussion & live loopin)
Ordinary Music 1 (Part II) (for bassclarinet & doublebass)
Conference (for percussion sextet)
Solo or Duo (for viola & doublebass)
Routine (for wind trio)
(for creative ensemble)
Ordinary Music 13 (for percussion sextet)
Ordinary Music 14 (for string trio)
Ordinary Music 19 (for tabla trio)
Ordinary Music 9 (for piano & little instruments)
Ordinary Music 5 (for two pianos)
Ordinary Music 3 (for string trio & doublebass)
Expressis Verbis (for ensemble)