Conceptual Soundproductions Budapest was founded, by myself, in 2015, at the university of visual arts (MKE), in Budapest, with the objective of combining conceptual thinking, as is common in contemporary visual arts, with an experimental music practice.

The term "conceptual soundproduction" basically indicates a form of sonic art, in which the conceptual element dominates over profession. a "concept" is an imaginary space, which is created around a particular object, turning that object into an object of art. consequently the actual creative process consists in the shaping of the imarinary space, rather than in that of the object.

1. DISSIMINATE (Phill Niblock)

2. un lieu pour etre deux (Antoine Beuger)

3. ReInCarNation (Phil Carlson)

4. Decisions (Roman Haubenstock-Ramati)

5. TREATISE (Cornelius Cardew)

6. Four6 (John Cage)

7. EDGES (Christian Wolff)

8. Ordinary Music Vol.6 (Nikolaus Gerszewski)