Conceptual Soundproductions


2017 Conceptual Soundproductions Budapest performs "to the memory of..." by Antoine Beuger, CD on inexhaustible editions.

2016 Exhibition of graphic scores "Playgrounds", at Korunk Studiogaleria, Cluj Napoca, Roumania (works by Roman Haubenstock Ramati, Christoph Herndler, Nikolaus Gerszewski).

2015 Premiere of microtonal composition "thrice again", by Konus Quartet, at Golem, Hamburg. Three days festival "music after the end of music", at Müszi, Budapest (featuring works by James Tenney, John Cage, Antoins Beuger, Christian Wolff, Nikolaus Gerszewski). Essays on graphic scores and experimental music, in BALKON. CD "ORDINARY MUSIC VOL.35" on creative sources records

2014 Moving to Budapest, Hungary, teaching "experimental soundproduction" at the university of visual arts, Budapest (MKE) and at the university of science, Pecs (PTI). Regular concert series for experimental music "Aurora Contemporary", in Budapest, at Aurora. Participation in exhibition and symposium der unfassbare Klang, Galerie MERZ, Linz.

2013 curating three-day song-festival with Bettina Wackernagel, at Collegium Hungaricum (.CHB), Berlin (works by Chris Newman, Nikolaus Gerszewski, Gabor Litvan, Sven Ake Johansson & Oliver Augst, György Kurtag). Workshops of experimental music for children, in Berlin.

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